Infographics: When and How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

social media imageDo you use social media for marketing or just for social engagements? How often do you post on Social Media? Does it matter? And should it?

I’ve seen some persons on my social media pages posting updates up to 10 times for the day, while some tweet around the clock. And they do this every single solitary day.

But is this a smart practice? Personally, I don’t engage with these frequent posters after the third post or so, unless they are really good, and are releasing some really virally entertaining stuff.

I’ve been seeing articles from the social media gurus about posting times and frequency floating around the web for a while now. So I am aware these best practices exist, although I must confess that I haven’t minded them too much. Until now. 

Before you go on, you need to understand the term ‘infographic’, so let me explain it. According to,

A well-designed infographic (like the ones below) can help you simplify a complicated subject or turn an otherwise boring subject into a captivating experience.

Infographic 1: How often should you post?

But, it so happened that I was searching for some information a while ago  on the stats that matter when creating a social media report and stumbled on a resource on the same subject on the Buffer Social blog which kind of put this somewhat dubious matter  under the spotlight again. And it is communicated so clearly I wanted to share it with you, my readers.

“A good infographic is worth a thousand words”


Posted earlier this year, this really business smart infographic which was researched and created by researchers Sum All  addresses any questions you may have about social media posting frequency. The research points to best practices in times to post. If you market a business or event or yourself as a brand and want to build your followers, this information is worth taking note of.


You can read the rest of Buffer Social post here.

Infographic #2: When Should you post?

Here’s another great resource for persons who manage social media.

This one from Hey Ho blog tells you the specific times.


As shown in these infographics (hop over to these blogs and have a read to get the full picture after you’ve left a comment here), these recommendations are current best practices in social media. It might work differently in your organisation or for your personal profiles. We can agree to disagree that no one size fits all all the time.

Well, it is said that, “a good infographic is worth a thousand words”; these two resources prove it. I certainly intend to be more deliberate and decisive in my social media scheduling from now on. It could put money and fame in my pockets!

How about you? Do you already follow these best practices? How does it work for your audience in your part of the world? Share in the Comments below. 


About this blogger:

Karen Taylor is an experienced Portmore-based journalist, professional blogger and business copywriter. Hit me up by email ( if you’d like my help to market your business or organisation a new way — using content. I also write and edit website content, newsletters, sales reports, annual reports, product reviews and other marketing copy.


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