Portmore Woman Among Six Arrested for Scamming American retiree

scamA Jamaica Observer report yesterday identified Christiana Curtis, 22, customer service agent of 34 Coral Gable, Independence City in Portmore, St Catherine as one of six persons who was arrested in a police operation last week for lotto scamming.

Curtis is believed to be part of an island-wide syndicate operating out of Westmoreland and St James. According to a police report cited by the newspaper, the arrests were made during a series of operations carried out by the Counter-Terrorism and Investigation Branch (C-TOC) between January 3 and 9 in Westmoreland, St Catherine, and St James, following allegations that they defrauded a 56-year-old, retired United States citizen of over $3 million.”

The 22-year old and the other five who are from Westmoreland were charged under the Law Reform Act but were subsequently released on station bail. They are Landique Woodbourne, 25, of Cambridge, St James; Fabian Ramsey, 27; Viviene Duncan, 39; and Gideon Wright, 22, all of Lambs River in Westmoreland; and Danny Williams, 31 of Darliston district in the same parish.

They are scheduled to appear in the St James Parish Court on February 1.



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