Greater Portmore North Councilor, Michael “Fisha” Edwards laid to rest




The late Michael ‘Fisha’ Edwards, Councilor for Greater Portmore North Division and businessman was laid to rest on Sunday, January 29, 2017.

Hundreds of persons, both politicians and constituents from the Portmore and St Catherine municipalities, along with representatives from the Opposition and ruling party hierarchy, friends, family and well-wishers turned out to pay their last respects and celebrate the life of the well-known public servant and Portmore resident at the funeral service held at the Portmore Seventh day Adventist Church, 7 Port Henderson Road.

Mr Edwards was eulogised by fellow councillors, PNP party representatives and family members in numerous tributes as a consummate professional and a peace-loving and amicable individual with a ready smile. One of the most moving tributes was reportedly delivered by Member of Parliament, Fitz Jackson who shared many fond memories of his friendship with Mr Fisher. The homily was delivered by Pastor of the Portmore SDA Church Pastor Sean Hamilton.

Mr Edwards reportedly died from a stroke on January 6. Family members found him unconscious at home and rushed him to the Spanish Town hospital where he was pronounced dead. A close friend and political peer, MP Fitz Jackson revealed that Mr Fisher had been hypertensive and diabetic. He had also reportedly done brain surgery a few years ago, but had “showed no signs of illness up to the time of his death.”

Michael Edwards, a chartered accountant by profession, entered local government representation in December 2007 when he joined the Portmore Municipal Council. Up to the time of his death, he was the sitting Councillor for the Greater Portmore North Division. He also served as Chairman of the Planning, Development and Climate Change Committee in the Portmore Municipal Council. Prior to that, he served as  Chairman of the Finance Committee at the St Catherine Parish Council. The late Portmore native was a St Georges College Old Boy and the owner/operator of Fisha’s Sports Bar located at the Portmore Pines Plaza.

Mr Edwards was interred at The Dovecot Memorial Gardens.

He is survived by his widow, Sophia and children.


Below are photo highlights of the final rites.

Disclaimer: All photos were curated from the results of Facebook Search and the public domain. Credit is hereby given to the respective original owners.


PNP leaders pay tribute to the late Portmore Councilor Michael Edwards.

St Catherine South MP, Fitz Jackson (centre) shares his fond memories of the late Michael ‘Fisha’ Edwards. He is joined in tribute by MP, Greater Portmore East Yvonne McCormack (left) and Opposition leader, Portia Simpson Miller (right) at the funeral service held this past Sunday at the Portmore SDA Church. Sitting in the front row (back to camera) is PNP Chairman, Robert Pickersgill.




Former Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller, other government representatives and family of the deceased listen attentively during the funeral service.                                                                                                                                                           Photo Credit: Kenisha Allen




Section of the funeral crowd who turned out to pay respects to the beloved councilor at Sunday’s funeral.   Photo Credit: Arnaldo Brown


The interment scene at Dovecot Memorial where Councilor Fisher was laid to rest



Cecile McCormack, Manager-Implementation & Logistics, Community Renewal  at the Jamaica Public Service Co. shares a light moment with  Julian Robinson, PNP Member of Parliament  for South East St Andrew at Sunday’s funeral service for their fallen comrade. Photo credit: Cecile McCormack



From Jamaica Labour Party Councillors Kenisha Allen(Spanish Town Division), Theresa Turner(Hampton Green Division) (2nd right) and Jennifer Hull (Horizon Park Division) (far right) grabs a friendly photo with PNP MP Denise Daley (2nd left) at the funeral service of the late PNP Councillor, Michael Edwards.                                    Photo Credit: Kenisha Allen




Former PNP Minister of State/ Portmore MP, Arnaldo Brown shares a light moment with two of his constituents at the Dovecot Memorial Park.                                                            Photo Credit: Arnaldo Brown



Sophia Edwards, widow of the late Michael Fisher Edwards (centre) caught in a candid moment by the graveside at Dovecot Memorial Gardens.              Photo Credit:


Photo of Councilor Fisher with wife Sophia Fisher

Councilor Edwards and wife, Sophia in happier times. The couple had recently celebrated their 13th anniversary. (Photo taken from Mr Edward’s Facebook page)


Report compiled by Karen Taylor Bennett


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