About Me

I am a seasoned newsroom-trained and award-winning journalist, content creator and copywriter, and I live in the fast-growing dormitory community of Portmore, St Catherine.

I have over 20 years news and public-relations writing experience. I am also an English educator by profession.

Portmore Citizens News is a citizenship blog where I share municipality -based stories about events, people and places around and about the Greater Portmore region along with governance and consumer issues that concern the residents living in the municipality.

I blog on other subjects too. You can check out my other blogs here and here and here. I can comfortably cover generalist as well as specialist subjects, and the niches I favour range from human interest, faith, education, workplace skills, small business, lifestyle and parenting to civic engagement, social media and personal technology. Check out my blog roll to the right of the Home Page.

Hire Me

I also run a freelance writing business. Need help with your next writing project? Content is King and should be a part of your marketing toolkit. I can use my writing skills to help you achieve your business goals, in any of these ways:

  • gain media attention for your next event, announce a new project or accomplishment
  • gain local and international publicity for your school, church, business or yourself
  • increase brand awareness among your target demographic
  • attract new visitors to your website or store-front
  • nurture loyal customers, and
  • convert visitors into buyers so you can sell more.

Here’s what I offer:

Digital Copywriting and Content Services

I can help you create:
– website pages
– social media profiles/pages and content for those pages
– blog posts and articles
– speeches
– family and life memoirs
– corporate profiles
– magazine and newsletter copy
– email marketing copy
– news reports
– sales reports
– press releases and press kits
– advertising and sales promotions copy

Editing and Proofreading

I have an eagle eye for errors. If you author it, I can edit or proofread your documents so they represent you professionally and credibly.

Professional and Academic Editing: I can edit or proofread your books, academic essays, teacher materials, correspondence, resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

Business Proofreading and Editing:

  • Website Pages Editing and SEO Optimization
  • Marketing material (Labels, adverts, social media updates, etc)
  • Technical documentation
  • Business emails and correspondence


GONE VIRAL: Thanks to Facebook and social media, this post was published on Sunday, January 15, 2017, and  by 5:00 p.m. (24 hours later) had generated 7000 views on my blog, and 1483 visitors. It has been seen in 37 countries across 5 continents, with views from as far as France, Serbia, Russia, China, Switzerland and United Arab Emirates.

Top 10 hits by country: Jamaica, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Cayman Islands, United Arab Emirates, Trinidad and Tobago, Kazakhstan, Turks and Caicos Islands and Bermuda.

Most visitors to my blog were referred by Facebook shares including Facebook mobile app as well as Google Search.


If you are not blogging as part of your marketing strategy, you are already years late to the party. But it’s not too late to join the long list of small, medium and large businesses, brands and public figures who are making a killing with social media content to attract web visitors, increase their visibility and brand awareness, build trust and convert those visitors into web/blog visitors into new customers. Let’s talk about how I can help you leverage your website and blog to find new customers and fans for your business, brand or institution. I can help with your content marketing strategy, creation or social media content management.

Take Action Now.

Call or Email me today to discuss how I may help you with your writing or editing projects.

Tel: 797-5997/949-2213
Email: taylor-karen@hotmail.com
Find me on Facebook @ Polished Proofreading JM, English Editing and Writing Service



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