Claim your Sales Ninja Title in 2016 with these 13 Insider Stealth tips

Me, a lean, mean selling machine?
Want to stop taking home small change and start crunching 5- and 6- figure sales quotas. Are you just yearning to leave the scummy sales performance behind and rise to the top of the field this year?
lean mean machine
Who are you talking to? Me? 
Yes, you, and you, and you?
And, how am I supposed to make that quantum leap you speak of?  
You’ve gotta develop the skills of a Ninjah, a Sales Ninjah. And to do as a Ninjah does, you’ll need to devote much of your time and energy this year to becoming that lean, mean sales machine. One that is fast, furious and formidable!
Corny joke aside, you and I know that to become better at anything, we have to study the top people in the game and best practices in your field. Don’t  be content to just rub shoulders with the million dollar sales elite on the team or out there in the media desert?
This year, you can become that lean mean sales machine or Sales Ninjah (whichever you prefer, although the vision of kicking some of those other asses — pun intended– out of the pen is more fun, right?) Resolve today to invest in your self-education/professional development.
I can hear your sigh and see your grimace from all the way back here. “That sounds like school and I have no time nor money for that” is probably what you may be thinking now.
Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret. You don’t need to go to training school to learn sales skills. All you need is access to the World Wide Web to learn selling strategies, how they are used (read those case studies) and beta test by constant improvisation and practice, testing and tweaking those newly acquired selling skills until they are top-notch razor-sharp.
Here are three proven strategies that have served me well in learning anything new, and that can be applied to sales to earn you that covetable fighting chops every lean, mean Ninjah selling machine needs.
Learn to Read, Read to Learn Trending Sales Content
Did I mention that you’ll need to cultivate a reading habit, if you don’t enjoy reading more than a paragraph of anything? Well before you say, ‘forget it’, reading blogs are really no biggie.
Blogs are usually short (500 -800 words on average), and good web writers know how to use plenty of white space on the page so you can scan their content for easy reading.
Don’t like to read? Seek out vlogs (video blogs), videos, podcasts, webinars, infographics, and slide decks for audio-visual formats of the content you need. Many of the more popular websites and blogs cater to readers’ varied learning styles by hosting scannable content in these multimedia formats on their online platforms.
Now that I’ve hopefully allayed those reading fears, and you’ve seen the wisdom of sharpening your sales arsenal for the fight ahead, here are three steps to take to get become a smart and agile Sales Ninjah:
1. Find the thought leaders in sales 
Find the thought leaders in sales and marketing, social media or whatever topic that’s caught your fancy. In the case of sales, use your Google toolbar to search for “top sales thought-leaders” or “top sales blogs” and select from the first results returned by Google. (Google now ranks search results as most important or valuable content in a category based on how many people have searched for the same key words and how useful the content is.)
I use this strategy to find the hottest trends on anything in whatever field I am researching. For example, to find some sales tips for the week ranked as most important by Google (which by Google’s standards means the most popular for the key words entered), I googled “Sales and Marketing tips of the week” and selected the top result in the list of results returned by my keyword search. Read on for the link.
2. Subscribe to blogs
Do they have a blog? Business blogs are one of the cheapest and most available open source (think of it as freeware) learning opportunities for anyone seeking tips and advice and tuturials from experts in all kinds of fields on how to solve a problem or achieve a goal.
Of course, it’s all part of their inbound marketing strategy to build trust and authority as an expert or thought leader. Using their valuable content as a bait, smart content marketers are then able to attract and draw clients into their sales funnel — in order to get them closer to a product or service they want to sell. Sales conversion happens when the knowledge-hungry or curious visitor, seeking more of your expertise, responds to the desired action.
The best blogs provide practical, actionable advice that are tested by the people with experience and proof of what works and what doesn’t. You’ll find them by taking the same search approach I suggested above. Google the subject topic you want to learn about (try “How to + (action you want to learn to do)” and check the websites that come up in the results.
See if they have a blog. Another good way to quickly find blogs on a topic is to click on News under the Google search bar in the same line where you see All/Web, Images, Videos, News, More, and Search Tools.
3. Follow them 
You can easily find those ever-elusive prospects and their marketing managers by seeking out their hang-out spots on social media and following them. Of course you’ll need to have a presence on these platforms  to do so. Not into social media? Now is a good time to change that mindset and start setting up your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Look out for some guidance to help you do that in my follow-up post which I’ll send you  a link for later.
10 More Sales Tips
To sharpen your Sales Ninjah instincts some more, here is a week’s worth of sales tips written by  Adrian Miller, sales consultant and trainer.  Click to read her top 10 tips to boost your sales this week at Business Know
What’s Next?
After reading, you can leave a comment using “Reply” sharing with me which of the tips you find were the most eye-opening or useful to know.
I’m also writing a more detailed post on one of the hottest selling strategies being promulgated by the top thought leaders in sales. Check back for that later when you’ll have more down time to explore the vital sales training resources I’ve curated for you.
Cheers to a productive and prosperous sales year in 2016!
Until next time, Sayoonara! Now, let’s go kick some of your competition in the rumps!